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Truttablog is about landscapes, poetry, the outdoor lifestyle, and everything else that Trout represent.

Because Trout do represent all those things and more. These speckled beauties captivate those of us who pursue them. They invade our lives, influence the way we think and spend our time, and take us to lovely places of quiet and peace.

This is the blog of Andrew Fowler.

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  1. Hi Andrew – I just discovered your amazing blog – what a fantastic realm! I write for very similar reasons from Central London… It is amazing to think what swims up and down the Thames unbeknown to millions of people living alongside. Here’s to many more years casting flies! Best regards – metiefly

    1. Thanks for your kind words Mark. I am likewise pleased to have now discovered your blog, and look forward to reading through what is very clearly penned by a kindred soul!

  2. Hi Andrew, Congratulations on your efforts, fantastic to see such passion for our local watersheds. Thanks for the excellent blog, the article about the various brown trout strains was fascinating.

    All the best with the clean up project and I look forward to reading up about the season’s adventures on the Umgeni, it will certainly get me through the pending Winter over here in the UK (can’t wait to get back to SA to fish our world class streams)

    Andrew Apsey

  3. Andrew: Thanks for viewing and liking my blog and adding it to your blog roll. I’m honored as you have a great blog…like the look (landscapes) of your trout region…very special. You are also a slick bug tier. Over next week will have more time to explore your work…ever fish Lesotho(sp)?

    1. Hi Robert. A pleasure, and thank you for your comments. I enjoy the simplicity and class of your B & W photos on your blog, and the very title of your page resonates with me. Lesotho is on my”to do” list. Crazy that I haven’t fished there, as it is so close. Watch this space!

  4. Hi Andrew,

    Just read your article in the TCFF August/September 2017 issue and enjoyed it so much that I immediately wanted to come to your blog ti congratulate you on a piece well written. Looking forward to the next issue.

    Kimd regards,
    Petrus Kruger

    1. Hi Petrus. Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed the article, and hope that my future ones live up to expectations! As a writer, one often gets very little feedback, and one therefore lives in the shadow of self doubt, so feedback like yours is truly appreciated.

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