Ten years of Truttablog

Truttablog has been going for ten years!

12 December:  I started Truttablog ten years ago to the day.  I was going to look up the stats and see how many people have visited the site, how many “hits”, how many posts done etc, and then I decided against it, because it has not been about that.

I know that every now and then I get a call, a comment,  a message, or an e-mail from someone saying that they enjoyed a post or a feature on the site, and what it meant to them, and that is great. It makes it all worthwhile. One guy said he has got back into fly-fishing because of some or other content I did, and even if that is true for just one person, and I have enjoyed doing it, then all sits well with me.

I do know that I have had more interest from outside SA (collectively) than within the country, so if this thing has served to make potential visitors aware of what flyfishing  we have in these parts, then that sits well with me too.

I phoned an old friend today to see how he was doing. It turns out that he can’t get out fishing at the moment because of his health and his finances. If people like him get some pleasure in seeing the waters and the countryside through my eyes, then that also sits well with me.

If you are reading this, and enjoy Truttablog, my undertaking to you is to try to do another ten years. 

I hope that sits well with you.



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4 Responses

  1. Congratulations on Truttablog’s 10th anniversary, I am one of those subscribers who look forward to your posts, so many thanks for putting your fingers to the keyboard and keeping us entertained.
    I was delighted to meet you when you were in Cape Town for your book launch, I’m one of the Andrew’s, met you at Upstream them again at the CPS evening. As I have not fished the Natal waters for many years I found the book an absolute delight and will be giving it a second read soon.
    Stay well and thanks again telling the tales the way you do.

    1. Thank you Andrew. Of course I remember…I was at the shop practicing the fly I was going to demonstrate that evening, because quite frankly I was VERY rusty with that pattern! Like you with KZN, I hadn’t fished the Western Cape streams in a very long time and I snuck in two days while I was down there. What a pleasure it was. Thank you for your encouraging words. Come up to KZN, and lets spend a day on a river together!

  2. Congratulations! Knowing little about the fisheries of South Africa, I’ve found your work to be enormously interesting and informative over the past decade. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and dedication, I look forward to reading more!

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