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More cranes

Normally when you crest the hill and find a flock of cranes in front of you, they take to the air before you can grab your camera.

This day I was lucky:

Cranes (1 of 7)



I am not quite as obsessed with cranes as a fishing buddy of mine is. His ringtone on his mobile is a honking crane, and often when we are fishing quietly side by side, in response to a small passing speck in the sky, he will blurt out “wattled!”, referring to his identification of the species.

But they are the most stunningly graceful birds, I will admit. Their presence on our waters is a rich blessing for reasons I struggle to describe. Perhaps it is their size, perhaps it is their muted calls, perhaps it is the rarity of them, or their sensitivity to a fast degrading environment. Either way, they are a treasure, and beautiful to behold.

We get three species in these parts:

The Blue Crane


A hand carving of the Blue Crane, completed by my father (DP Fowler) just a few weeks ago.