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What’s with this crazy weather!

I was in a doctors waiting room the other day, when one of the professionals emerged from her office and remarked to the receptionist : “Did you know, that in the old days we used to have storms on summer afternoons, and the sun would come out again afterwards! ”.

It is not politically correct to call this stupidity. So someone please help me with a politically correct term that is vastly more disdainful!

Given that weather is what people use to pad inane conversations, there is a lot of babble out there that serves only to heat the air unnecessarily.  But as a fly-fisherman, and a fisher of rivers, weather is not just wadding material. It is important stuff! And important stuff is best spoken about with facts, figures, and authority!

I have been keeping track of rainfall, temperatures, arrival of the cuckoos, first frosts, and the like for a couple of years. My record is by no means long enough to start drawing conclusions about global warming. Many people draw conclusions about global warming from a single afternoon’s temperature, but let’s not fall into that trap.

What I have had a bash at, is graphing rainfall by the season. We all know that in mid summer (over Christmas for us here in the Southern Hemisphere), it pours with rain, and the rivers run in spate. That is almost a given. But I got to wondering if we couldn’t draw some more useful info, that goes a bit deeper than annual rainfall. I have tried to plot the spring, and the autumn rainfall and temperatures. In that way I can look at dry springs, wet autumns, cold Septembers and the like, to start looking at their significance in terms of my fishing.

Rainfall record of the last 6 years as read at Hilton, and split into Autumn and Spring rainfall:rainfall graphs 2013