The culture of repair meets the culture of sales

Me:  Hello Shiraz! Shiraz:  Bob. Me (puzzled): Shiraz….? Shiraz:  Bob. Me (incredulous):  You can’t be called Bob…you are wearing a taqiyah…Bob’s don’t wear those! You don’t get Muslims called Bob! Shiraz:  No…you Bob. Me:…Ah!…No, I’m Andrew. Shiraz:  Oh!  Hello are you? Me: Hello Shiraz! I was in Shiraz’s shop arranging a repair to my twenty nine year old fishing kit bag. Actually it’s a South African army  “balsak”…that’s how I know how old it is…it was a special gift from Magnus Malan. All I had to do was give him two years of my life. “Ja…you guys went off

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