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Confessions of a Trout snob

When reading Duncan Browns book recently, (Are Trout South African), I became aware of the depth of my prejudices.  Duncan does a fine job of pointing out the nuances and peculiarities that we apply in deciding if something is indigenous or not, and it is a thought provoking read.

I go for Trout , with a capital T, (Alien) and definitely not bass (with a lower case B), ( also alien). I strongly dislike wattles and brambles (Alien), but love the sight of a stand of poplars (also alien). I don’t care much for scalies [AKA “yellowfish”] (indigenous),  and I still think that the best snake is a dead one (alien or indigenous).

I am an ardent conservationist at heart, and possess some skins and furs of endangered beasts in my fly-tying kit.

I read the book. I thought deeply and thoroughly. I re-evaluated and re-considered.