Trout underwater

Knowing it all

An alternative to visiting popular spots and seeking out all the info you might need: Embracing the uncertain and learning from the process.

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Attracted by magnets

I posted a week or two back about the limited number of truly useful developments in fishing tackle. PD pointed out to me that I had omitted the now ubiquitous net magnet. He is right: that was an oversight. A magnet that holds your net at your nape, or on the side of your pack, is one of the truly clever innovations of the last decade or more. It got me thinking though, just how many applications there are for magnets in our sport. Firstly, Graeme arrived bright and early Saturday for our mornings fishing, and presented me with a

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Wading fast water

In KZN we generally don’t do our fly-fishing for Trout in big strong rivers. As a result there is not a lot written about wading and wading safety or difficulty in these parts. But of course at this time of the year, it is not impossible to find yourself on a fast piece of water, that is still clean enough for you to want to fish it. Generally the Umgeni is unfishable from a water colour perspective, if it is too fast to wade. The Mooi, and the Bushmans on the other hand, can run a pale slate grey colour,

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