Blogging on paper

This blog started in 1981.
I know, ………………………..there were no blogs in 1981, and our computers still ran on paraffin. But the concept started back then, even though I didn’t know it at the time. In fact I only came to that realisation the other day, when my son was paging through my personal logbooks, and he remarked that what I had there was a blog on paper.
That would be because my fishing log is so much more than that. From about 1983 I started recording every day’s fishing in the same format. The same format that you will find in the fishing log template in the “” feature in the right hand column of this blog.  (Feel free to download the excel file, adapt it and use it. It works for me) By every day, I mean regardless of how few hours I fished, and what I didn’t catch. And then at some point about 8 years ago, I embarked on the giant task of marrying my considerable fishing history with my photo collection. I ripped every photo out of its album, and every page out of my old books, and interleafed them, in plastic sleeves ( the photos on black paper).
Then a year or two later, I printed all my essays and writing, and began interleafing them in the appropriate date slots. ( I have posted some of those here on Truttablog, but haven’t gone further back than about 2004.)
So when Luke was looking at one of them, with his technological mind abuzz, he saw a blog, and thanks to him Truttablog was born.


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