Doing the hills: a photo essay

As river fishermen, we inevitably do a fair amount of clambering up and down steep hills.
Sometimes it is the walk in on a goat track.
Paul De Wet and Rhett Quinn heading up the Riflespruit valley
At other times it is just part of making your way up and down a river valley.
Roy Ward looking for good footing in a river valley in KZN
Either way a certain quota of sure footedness is an asset, as is a reasonable degree of fitness.

This is particularly so for those hike-in mountain trips.
Tim Horne and Roy Ward hiking to the upper Bokspruit in bad weather
Roy Ward and I descending into a little known gorge in KZN in search of Trout
The ones where you return  at the end of a day with a smile in your soul and some mountain in your breath.
Not to mention a tension in your muscles, and some memories of beautiful little mountain Trout.

Little mountain Trout

The walk out: Willow stream


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