I grew up within sight of this mountain, I live within sight of it,and a great deal of my fly-fishing is conducted within sight of it.
Ivanhoe 002  Picture courtesy of Paul DeWet

It is a landmark, visible from a great distance across the midlands landscape, from one angle or another.
It’s Zulu name is the subject of much conjecture, not least amongst the Zulu people themselves, but one common idea is that it refers to the place where all weather meets.
2012-08-09 08.27.07 The view from just behind my home
2012-08-09 08.26.17  The mountain has had snow on it at least once in every month of the calendar at some point in time
At times, from the riverbed of the Umgeni, it just peeks over the horizon , to remind you where you are.
IMG_0133  Picture courtesy of Dave Prentice
Rainbow lakes 1
The mountain is 1978.1  metres (6,489.8 ft)  above sea level at the beacon.
An occasional walk to the top is obligatory for anyone who makes the midlands their home.
I persuaded my ‘wife to be’ walk up there on our second date!
P1220253  It is said that you can see the ocean from the top on a clear day
And the kids know the drill
P4270280  Notice the good Trout water in the distance.
Its outline is imprinted in my memory for ever.


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  1. Absolutely beautiful country! Wonderful to just get out and enjoy what we’ve been given, isn’t it?

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