A buzzard

From a way off I thought this was a steppe buzzard


A closer look revealed a rufus coloured underbelly. An immature Jackal Buzzard I thought at first, but of course that bird has a rufus band across the chest.  As an amateur birder I really cant be sure. All I know is that those primary feathers look very familiar. I have two of them stuck in my fishing hat!

Yesterday I saw a book on raptors in the bookshop, and with only  a mental picture, I decided that it probably is a Steppe Buzzard. They are fairly common, but their plumage varies a lot.

Someone please help me to identify this one!


A handsome fellow either way!

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  1. Hmm I back you call on the Stepe Buzzard having looked at my Sasol eBirds app. Seems to be the closest representation. Agreed not a Jackal Buzzard and nothing else really comes close?

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