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    1. It is Howard. A bit thin in this picture as we exit a dry winter and await our first good spring rains. Also, in it’s pristine state, this landscape would be devoid of those big trees….they are an import from South America, and are running rampant, causing lower flows, and siltation (allelopathic buggers: nothing grows under them), and reduced sunlight. We are on a mission to eradicate them. Note the guys working, and the felled trees in the picture.

  1. Wonderful work Andrew, I support your #BRU initiative 100%, and will do so whenever I can with the three M’s (moola, muscle and morale).

  2. Hi Andrew I fished the Umgeni at Brigadoon yesterday with Marco Breschi and we didn’t catch anything. We were wondering what flies and approach works best in the slower pools along this stretch. Your comments would be most appreciated. Andrew
    Dr Andrew A Mather Pr Eng FSAICE MIMESA.

    1. Hi Andrew. Sorry to hear you blanked, but that’s Browns for you! They have an uncanny way of switching off, but in that filthy weather on Saturday, they were very much switched ON. We fish a floating line, with a 12 ft leader down to 4X or 5X with a #14 or #16 heavily weighted nymph, black or dark in colour. A bright bead did the trick on Saturday. Let it get down and retrieve it slow. Fish out the whole cast. I hope that helps.

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