Writer’s block

Too many flights. Too many meetings and negotiations and calculations.

No mountains. No rivers. No trout.


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  1. Try having a back op, like Jeremy and myself. Flat on your back for 4-6 weeks. Maybe you’ll not have awriters block but by heavens it’s bloody hard to type holding your tablet/ phone in the air with one hand and tying to type meaningful sentences.
    Can’t wait until I am mobile again but I think that by the time the season draws to a close I’ll only just be river bed nimble. So roll on end of the year for streams.
    Can’t wait to get onto my kickboat though.

  2. You and I both Andrew. Sometimes you have too many words and they come at you so fast that you can’t hold onto them. Other times they’re worse than a dripping tap; running slowly into that place where they’re removed forever from your consciousness.

    1. Ja…sometimes I come close to causing a traffic accident trying to scribble an inspired sentence on the back of my last tollroad slip. If I dont, its gone forever. Other times, like now, my head is a 3000 line spreadsheet with numbers and no words! But I am back from STZ, so there is hope again.

    1. We are indeed lucky to be able to fish all year round, but the season that comes close to stopping us is our stinking hot summer. We are in it right now and heatstroke replaces frostbite as a risk to the fisherman here in sunny SA.

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