It’s a midge thing

Midge (1 of 1)-5Midge (1 of 1)-6Midge (1 of 1)-7Midge (1 of 1)-8Midge (1 of 1)-9Midge (1 of 1)-10Midge (1 of 1)-13Midge (1 of 1)-15Midge (1 of 1)-16

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  1. HI Andrew, great photos of your midge patterns. If you don’t mind me asking, where do you get your red and green glass beads? Hope you managed to get out onto the rivers for opening day of the season?

    1. Hi Andrew. The glass beads: I merely got them from a [non fly-fishing] bead shop. We have several of those here, and if you dig around you can find these beads with a silver lined hole which is large enough.

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