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  1. Nice pic, nice fish…however Tom Sutciffe’s lates post refers us to and also comments as follows “…exclude contact with dry surfaces or with materials that can remove the protective mucous coating. (Remember the warning that Dr Pat Garratt, marine ichthyologist, gave us about the damage gloves can cause.)”
    Until today I also assumed that gloves did no harm……We learn something everyday
    I enjoy your posts by the way

    1. Hi Ziggy. You are quite right, and you will see that this fish is lifted just a few inches above the water for a photo, the fly is then twisted out with it in the water. The gloves are a necessary evil on a day in the baking sun, but since they are not used to GRIP the fish repeatedly, like we did in the hatchery, I reckon these fish are OK. It didn’t help that I forgot my net at home that day!

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