What do you say

This blog, as well as various magazine articles, are filled with images of one of my greatest friends.  He is also the subject of several blog posts here.

One of those blog posts was a plain black slide. It was posted on the day that my friend was diagnosed with cancer, and I put it there without explanation, because….. well because what do you say?

Last Wednesday we took my friend Roy fishing. But not before he stopped in for coffee and found about 40 fishing buddies there to give him a hug and a warm handshake.

Just 4 days later, Roy slipped away.  His last words were “Thank you” .

One of our mutual friends sent me a text that night. It said “Grown men don’t cry……Yeah right”.  I wasn’t the only one with tears rolling down my cheeks.

So what do you say?  Anything I could say somehow seems trite, and fails to represent what I am feeling……what a great many of us are feeling.

I don’t have much to say right now. Roy is gone.

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  1. Hay brother as hard as it may be “Roy is not gone”. Roy lives in your heart, in your memories, & in your soul. Roys presence in your life had a positive influence & the time that you had together must be forever cherished. He will always be with you and many others of us. Life does throw us curved balls quite often but good memories are never forgotten.

  2. Of course grown men cry! They just do it in their own time or when they know that there is nothing else left to say. Rest easy Roy

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