Hiding in caves

On the back cover of Sheridan D Anderson’s wonderful manifesto is an advert for what Frank Amato publications called the C.I.A.  That is, the Central Intelligence for Anglers.

The Curtis Creek Manifesto-2CIA-1

Now that concept will surely appeal to my mate Graeme. Ever scanning Google Earth, he is. Looking for new Trout waters. He checks out the background in big fish pictures and uses sublime clues to work out where it was. I help him. Not much slips him by.

One that did slip him by was the location of a particular water that I may have hinted existed. It didn’t. It still doesn’t. Let’s just say he asked after a mythical water, and I sort of went with it. Artistically. I may also have prompted some support from another colleague, Anton, and he sort of went with it too.  My wife, who is a caring person, said “stop it now!  He has probably wasted a whole day on Google Earth looking for this non-existent place!”.  But when you start one of these things , it is not easy to stop it. So we did not, and I think Graeme may have spent two days on Google Earth, not one.  I reasoned that they were work days that he wasted, not fishing days, so it wasn’t too bad.  Perhaps if he had had access to the manifesto, with its hidden spitfire, or perhaps the C.I.A. itself, he would have worked it out earlier.

The Curtis Creek Manifesto-1

He didn’t.  It was only in the car with Mike that the penny dropped.   I can picture his face now. It would have been a sort of wide –eyed look, with a very slight, very foolish looking, and totally incredulous smile.  One of those smiles that lingers in the corner of the mouth, and is accompanied by exclamations such as “Buggers!”.

But Graeme, is an artful opportunist himself, and it wasn’t more than a few hours later that he turned artful dodger, and alleviated Anton of his recently acquired masterpiece.

Art thief

The masterpiece was created by none other than the alleged owner of said secret water, so the whole tale has a circular poetic ring to it.  I of course played no part in the art heist, but Anton still doesn’t believe that. After he sent his wife on a search, and resorted to reviewing CCTV footage, I reckon the bear was, shall we say, “somewhat prodded”.  

Now when this whole poetic thing had gone full circle, I realised that I was very exposed. I am the only one of the trio who has not been punished with some cruel prank. So I did what any conservative fellow would do, and I left the country for a few days. Went and hid out in the desert. 


On my return I passed by home for some fresh laundry, and then headed off to hide out behind the mountains. It is dry across that side, and there are no trout, so Anton and Graeme were unlikely to go there. Besides we stayed in caves and the like, so we were pretty safe.


The problem is, that I am back now.

And both these crafty fellows have had many weeks to think about my comeuppance.    Let’s just say I have eyes in the back of my head at the moment.   Its all quite stressful. I can’t let my guard down for a moment.

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