Late winter Browns

A day on a stillwater towards the end of winter, trying different tactics; the shoreline and a float tube, until I get the formula right and start catching the fish I was after.

I head out onto a local water here in search of some Browns, and meet with some success. Join me.

3 Responses

  1. Great video, Andrew. Those browns were beautiful. A couple of insights for me and my boys… your use of the structure on the banks, you didn’t appear to be trying to throw the belly out of the line for most of your casts on the bank. Keep these sound bites coming please, they’re great!

  2. As always greatly enjoyed. These day trips of yours are becoming something of an institution. I feel as if I am back fishing familiar haunts. I note also that you have a typical KZN style with a fly rod. Single casts. Minimal false casting. You must be a product of the Beams and Huntley school of stillwater fly fishing!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Tom. I do try to keep my false casting to the minimum, even if it means sacrificing distance, because I believe it to be a great scarer of Trout!

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