A spring evening on the stream

An evening on an upland stream


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  1. Hi Andrew -it is Andrew, isn’t it? A New Zealander here. I am enjoying your fishing videos. and I’m wondering how they are shot. What camera are you using? Is it on your chest?

    1. Hi Warwick… Yes.. Andrew it is. I have a DJI action cam (similar to a GoPro) and I use a chest mount a lot in this video….. and pop it out of the mount to go underwater. I also use my phone and a Canon Powershot camera. The biggest element is the editing. I use Adobe Premiere Pro and I must say it takes a lot of time to do. It was also a steep learning curve to know how to use it! One has to find a balance, because the filming will overtake the fishing if you want to produce really high quality stuff. Many days I leave all the cameras at home and just fish!

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