Rainbow Trout

Book-end ants

Several months of obsessing over flyfishing the trout streams in KZN, are neatly framed by two ant hatch interludes on stillwater.

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Books, Boarding School, and Beats

“Often enough, the best position for a trout to see and catch these active nymphs is near the river bed”   …….. ”It is useless to try to tempt such a fish with an artificial nymph fished just below the surface, or to cast a dry fly over him”  The words of Frank Sawyer, from the book Frank Sawyer, Man of the Riverside, compiled by Sidney Vines. Frank Sawyer was famous for, amongst other things, The Pheasant Tail Nymph, which you can watch the man himself tying in this link. Sawyer’s book “Keeper of the Stream was first published in 1952.

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Give me that peaceful, wandering free I used to know.

  “Give me that peaceful, wandering free I used to know Give me the songs that I once sung Give me those jet-black, kick-back, lay down nights alone … I was made to chase the storm Taking the whole world on with big ole’ empty arms” Extracts from the words of  John Mayer’s “give my my badge and gun”

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