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The Slinky Damsel: a step by step


I started tying this pattern about 10 years ago. The idea was to have a smooth body, and at one stage the thorax was smooth too, to represent the exoskeletal properties of the naturals. In other words I wanted to steer away from a “fuzzy” fly, and stick with a sleek profile, with well defined eyes and legs. This sleek profile helps the fly to sink with minimal additional weight: a worthwhile property, in that it allows for delicate presentations in the shallows.

I started off with a single plastic bead at the front, and then moved to a set of bead eyes. These tended to fall apart, but with the advent of UV glue, I think we have solved that problem.

I still tie the pattern in a number of different ways. Here is one of them:Materials for the slinky damsel

Slinky Damsel (1 of 12)



Tying a cripple: a step by step

This represents a half hatched nymph. A crippled and hopeless morsel for the Trout to take at will. The idea is to hang the fly in the surface film, with the tail end of the nymph shuck still attached and hanging in the water. The front end of the fly represents the half hatched winged insect, it’s looped body stuck in the top of the shuck, and its legs trailing beneath its thorax and partially opened wings.

Cripple (23 of 23)

The materials you will need:

Cripple materials